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Thursday 21st May 2020


21st May 2020

4pm to 5:15pm (SGT)


Video Conferencing


Live Training

Aftershock & The New Normal: Learning Series


Hi Reihan,

As people developers and supporters of organisations and companies throughout Asia, we feel it is our responsibility to continue to support you.

Following the success of our training events in February and March ‘Overcome the Challenges of Working Remotely’ and ‘Coach vs Chaos’ we are now offering you the opportunity to join us and experience a ‘Learning Journey’ dedicated to Managers, Leaders and HR Professionals.

'Aftershock- Increase the productivity & motivation of your team'

‘Learning Journey’ follows a blended learning approach to develop skills, change behaviour and form best-practice habits that stick, this is the same approach that brings success for the Companies we support across all industry’s in the region.

You can experience this ‘Learning Journey’ for FREE, starting with Live Training on Thursday 21st May at 4pm (Singapore Time).

About the Learning Journey: 

'Aftershock- Increase the productivity & motivation of your team'

Managing People and Leadership in the future Distance Economy will require a new set of skills to be successful. The management skills of the new world will be geared towards moving people into new phases of motivation and achieving the new approaches to productivity that will determine Management and Leadership success.

What you’ll get:

  • 1 x 75 mins Live Training (21st May at 4pm SGT)
    • Aftershock- Increase the productivity & motivation of your team
    • Facilitated discussion & sharing, latest trends & insights, predictions, best practices, tips, tricks and tools

Alex Lanjri

Head of Training

Isabelle Larche

Managing Director

Fabien Mailhe

Managing Director

With access to:

  • 1 x Digital Training course lasting 1 hour (In partnership with CrossKnowledge)
    •  ‘Leading a Remote Team’
  • 2 x Suite of Learning video’s (In partnership with CrossKnowledge)
    • ‘Boost Your Effectiveness in Uncertain Times’ & ‘Leadership in Uncharted Waters’
  • Follow up insights and best practice sharing and insights from peers
    • Summary report of the current best practices and insights from your leadership peers across Asia
Mutual Support: Do share this invite with all the Leaders/Managers/HR (friends and colleagues) that you want to support

New skills are needed for the ‘distance economy’

How will you reskill your workforce for the Distance Economy during this current Aftershock period and in the longer-term into the ‘New Normal’?

Now is the time for companies to double down on their learning budgets and commit to reskilling. Developing this muscle will also strengthen companies for future disruptions”  

- Mckinsey & Company: 7th May 2020

Our Learning Journey, training programs and workshops are Distance Optimised and available for deployment worldwide to build the most critical workforce capabilities in the ‘new normal’.

Our Learning Journey method has been created from years of expertise with people transformation, culture change, influencing teams, nudge theory and habit forming to train and develop employees at a distance, including: Live Video Training, Remote coaching, Webinars, Online workshops, Digital Courses, Virtual Coaching, Social Learning, Assignments and more.

15 Training & Workshops for the ‘distance economy’

Aftershock & The New Normal
  • Personal Efficiency and Being Productive remotely
  • Increase personal wellness, resilience & well-being during transformation & change
  • Influence & Persuasion for increasing Sales success remotely
  • Communicating effectively with colleagues across distances
  • How to give feedback in a remote setting & avoid conflict
  • Overcome intercultural challenges across distance and remove cultural barriers in a remote setting
  • Coaching remote workers who are developing unhealthy habits
  • Coaching Skills for team performance in times of chaos
  • Outplacement methods to support employees who are leaving your organisation
  • Recruiting Skills and Onboarding methods across distances
Teambuilding & Workshops
  • Teambuilding, bonding & collaboration at a time of separation
  • Innovation Workshop: To develop new ways to adapt your business to the new normal
Management only
  • Managing & Coaching people back to productivity and motivation
  • Leading people through Change & Transformation
  • Managing Remotely: The most crucial leadership traits when handling crisis

As the world moves from the shock phase and crisis management into a phase of transition and change, it is critical that adapting Management skills and behaviours follow suit. As companies adapt, acceptable reasons for underperformance are going to reduce as the world, and your competition, will not stand still.

Get in touch with us directly if you want to know more about how we support corporate clients with our blended training programs across distance.


About your Training Consultants

Alex Lanjri (ABNLP)  

Head of Training 

Learning & 


Alex is a certified Trainer and Executive ICF Coach with over 14 years experience training 

& coaching executives 

& leaders across the world.

Isabelle Larche

Managing Director,


& Akteos Asia

Isabelle is an expert in Human Performance 

with over 25 years of 

Talent Management & Business Consulting experience.

Fabien Mailhe

Managing Director,


& Akteos Asia

Fabien is an expert in Business Management Consulting, Human Performance & Change Management with over 25 years experience.


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